What is included in this download?

This worksheet was created by Dominika Sieradzka to help you map out and document your firm’s annual review process. It will make mapping the review process as clear and simple as possible – giving you an excellent roadmap to follow.

This is what it includes:

Questions to be considered as you approach documenting the three key stages of your Annual Review Process:

  1. Organisation of reviews
  2. Internal preparations for reviews
  3. Client reviews and follow ups
Process grids.
A useful pre-roll out checklist that helps to ensure that your process is optimal for your firm’s needs.

This worksheet was originally created as part of our Annual Review Pack. The pack includes video tutorials focused on creating an excellent annual review process, and an example of a documented process too. If you feel this would be beneficial to you, we suggest checking it out here.

What will you achieve by using this Annual Review Process Mapping Worksheet?

Ensure that you don’t miss out on important process considerations when documenting your bespoke Annual Review Process.
Have access to questions that will help you gain clarity on who does what, how and when at every step of the way.
You’ll be able to deliver a consistent client experience.
Understand how you go about organising, preparing for, conducting and following up client reviews.
Have a document that combines all of your thinking in a format that is easy to follow.

Free Bonus: Process Prep Sheet

We’ve included our Process Prep Sheet as a free bonus with this worksheet, to help you get even more value from the download.

This free document will help you take a step back and prepare for the review of an existing process – and it can easily be applied to any process at your Financial Planning Firm.

It includes all of the critical big picture questions that will need to be asked before focusing on details of various steps and stages involved in the mapping of your annual review process (which are covered in the Annual Review Process Mapping Worksheet). These questions will consider, in detail:

The Big Picture – taking into account the client experience you’re aiming to create.
Accountability – are the right people responsible for the right elements of the process?
Operational – this is about streamlining and making sure the process is efficient and effective.

How much does the Annual Review Process Mapping Worksheet cost?

Get the Annual Review Process Mapping Worksheet for £47.00, plus VAT, including the free bonus Process Prep Sheet.


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Plan out your firm’s Annual Review Process with this handy roadmap. Featuring questions to be considered, process grids and a helpful pre-roll out checklist.