Annual reviews are a core component of the ongoing service proposition for financial planning firms, so it’s critical they are excellent. Yet, they’re one of the hardest processes to get right. If you haven’t got a process to follow, it’s difficult to know what needs to be done, within what timeframe and by whom!

Dominika Sieradzka

There’s often resistance to following a process like this, as advisers sometimes think it can stifle creativity or make the service impersonal. However, I’m here to tell you that’s not the case!

By automating 90% of the process, you can actually personalise the 10% that truly matters. This pack will take you on a journey to create an excellent Annual Review Process that is unique to your firm.

This Annual Review Pack allows you to benefit from years of experience from an insightful business and operations consultant, who’s worked in the financial industry since 2003. This means you can create an excellent process without having to troubleshoot all of the problems that we already have solutions to!

What is included in this pack?

The pack contains all you need to create, review and implement a truly excellent annual review process for your firm!

A 3-Part Video Tutorial on creating an excellent annual review process (12 months anytime online access).
Downloadable example of a full Annual Review Process. The process is split into 3 key stages and covers questions related to who, how, when and what. This provides clarity to the entire team, every step of the way.
Downloadable suite of templates that go with the example process:

  • Annual Review Meeting Notification
  • Annual Review Meeting Confirmation
  • Annual Review Deferral (Unable to make contact)
  • Annual Review Deferral (Postponed by clients)
  • Annual Review Meeting Agenda
  • 12 Point Financial Health Check (by FP Advance Ltd)
  • Annual Review Meeting Checklist
  • The Value Added Checklist (by FP Advance Ltd)
  • Review Scorecard
  • Annual Review Meeting File Note
  • Annual Review Meeting Follow Up Communication
Process Prep Sheet download, which includes a list of critical questions to consider when reviewing an existing process.
Annual Review Process Mapping Checklist download. This worksheet was created to help you map out and document your firm’s annual review process. It includes a series of questions to consider when documenting all stages of the annual review process, process grids, and a useful checklist that helps to ensure your process is optimal for your firm’s needs.
Years of consultancy experience that have gone into creation of these materials, accessible to you from anywhere at any time!

Why do you need an Annual Review Process?

Having an Annual Review Process in place provides clarity, not just to your team, but to your clients too. Ultimately, this means creating a consistently excellent client experience and a happy team. Both are critical to building a successful business.

Our videos take you on a journey of designing and mapping your own process from start to finish. We even provide practical examples. It’s a great way of accessing years of consultancy experience for an affordable price!

Benefits of a great annual process also include:

Increased operational efficiency thanks to streamlined processes, minimal re-work and double-entry of data
Increased profitability
Reduced business risks
A scalable business model

How much does it cost?

Get this amazing pack for £697.00, plus VAT.