This service is designed for a select number of ambitious Practice Managers, Operations Directors and Business Owners of small to medium size Financial Planning businesses (5-25 employees). Firms that are passionate about financial planning that makes a real difference, and strives to deliver an excellent client experience.

Why would we need this service?

Running a small firm can feel lonely and often requires you to master many business disciplines. You are likely to be wearing several hats, along with your financial planning focus. You might act as head of operations, HR, IT, compliance, marketing and finance to name a few. Variety can make your job very interesting, but also challenging. Resolving issues alone and keeping a fresh perspective at all times can be difficult.

The Practice Management Guardianship Service has been designed to ensure that you have a trusted, independent expert by your side who can provide operational guidance, mentorship, and support throughout the year. This service ensures access to a highly qualified and experienced Business & Operations Consultant, who can help you:

  • Take a step back and sense-check your decision making
  • Review your business processes and internal standards
  • Create and maintain a happy team working to their strengths
  • Implement and maintain best-practice methods
  • Identify business opportunities and threats
  • Bring your long-term vision into life
  • Problem solve as and when issues arise
  • Drive continuous innovation in your practice
  • Create an excellent client experience that is delivered in a consistent manner

It might also help to have a trusted, independent expert who can hear you out, and remain objective about a challenge that you might be facing.

If the above rings true, then this service has been created for you and your business!

What will this service include?

The Practice Management Guardianship Service offers comprehensive support throughout the year, comprising of:

Four onsite visits per year (quarterly)
Eight telephone or video call check-in sessions throughout the year (between onsite visits)
Access to expert advice and opinions via email and telephone
A priority response service
Access to our exclusive Best Practice templates
Master Practitioners Club membership at no extra cost

Lightning Sessions

Master Practitioners Club