The Master Practitioners Club has been designed for ambitious Practice Managers and Operations Directors of small to medium size Financial Planning Firms based in the UK.

When you’re a Practice Manager or Operations Director you are the bridge between Business Owner(s) and the rest of the team. There are many challenges you need to stay on top of; compliance, HR, finance and operations to name a few. There’s added pressure if you have no one who shares your passion for ops, to bounce ideas off or to ask questions. It can be a struggle to come up with best practice solutions and get an entire team on your side (this can include the owners!), on your own.

This service has been designed to help you become part of a wider community of like-minded individuals who strive for operational excellence too. If you are looking to connect with others in your role, further your knowledge and expertise, share ideas and challenge best practice methods, then the Master Practitioners Club is a service for you.

What will this service include?

Members only access to an online Forum moderated by an industry expert
Monthly Ops webinars including exclusive anytime access to the recordings
Monthly group Ops calls
Ad hoc supplier webinars & demos, for example, tours of the latest tech or coaching taster sessions
Exclusive anytime access to our Online Library of best practice templates and videos
Introductions to specialist industry experts
A 15% discount on Lightning Sessions (can’t be used in conjunction with other promotions)
An invitation to an exclusive Annual Master Practitioners Get Together (paid for separately)

How much will I need to invest?

The Master Practitioners Club is £149.00 each month, plus VAT. Subject to a minimum contract of 12 months.

What’s next?

Join to:

  • Connect with others in your role
  • Strive for operational excellence
  • Grow your knowledge and expertise
  • Share ideas
  • Challenge best practice methods
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Working in partnership with TreeSisters we are helping to inspire reforestation revolution.

For this reason, we are committing to plant 3 trees per month for every Master Practitioners Club subscription.

By working with us, you will be planting a forest!

To find out more take a look at our TreeSisters page.


“Sharing ideas and experiences of overcoming struggles makes me feel I’m not alone in the challenges which inevitably come up. The assistance, guidance and advice from Domi and the other members is invaluable as there is no one else in our small business I could turn to.”

Georgiana BreabanPractice Manager at Strategic Vision Wealth Management

“I really cannot speak highly enough of how Domi has supported us, and I know that the development I’ve seen in myself and the improvement of the firm, we have a lot to thank the Master Practitioners Club for”

Anna HallPractice Manager at Sound Financial Planning

“I’ve been a member of the Master Practitioners Club since I started in my new role as a Practice Manager in 2019. It is a great platform to be able to share ideas and experiences with other Practice Managers.

The structured programme of webinars is excellent as they provide useful insight on relevant topics and the regular operational catch ups provide tools and ideas to help with my job on a day to day basis.

It’s reassuring to know that there are many like-minded Practice Managers all facing the same challenges and that the MPC is there to support us”

Jane MulfordPractice Manager at Ermin Fosse Financial Management

“After starting my new role in June this year, I’ve been a member of the Masters Practitioner Club and I’ve really enjoyed being part of a community! Every session is really useful and you always come away with new ideas. The topics that we cover are wide and they’re all relatable which means every meeting is insightful. For me, the best thing about it, is everyone is friendly and shares their experiences to help one another. We’re all performing similar roles in the same industry which is so valuable. As I’m finding my feet with my new role, I can really see these sessions adding more value and I’ve already formed a list of things I want to look at in 2021”

Chloe RuddockPractice Manager at HC Wealth Management

“Joining the RIE Solutions Master Practitioners Club couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Transitioning to an operational role within a small financial planning firm, my managing director and I were not certain how this position would look for me but we knew it was important. Joining the club has quickly opened my eyes to the world of operations and what it looks like for me, not only have I felt encouraged and supported through the monthly meetings but there is comfort in knowing that the forum is there should I have questions and there are plenty of resources for me to dip in to. I am beginning to feel more confident in this role and I am looking forward to growing and learning more”

Rachel MorrisonOperations Assistant at Wells Gibson

“For a small monthly fee, I have access to a wealth of valuable practical material specific to practice management, problem solving and continued learning. I guess we have access to material probably worth £10,000 if we were to buy it off the shelf.[…] Membership of the MPC has been instrumental in helping me with ideas and best practice tips from the online forum and frequent Ops calls. […] I think the forum is a great resource to reach out to other businesses to get their ideas on whatever challenge you are facing today.”

Tom O’HaraPractice Manager at Warwick Financial Solutions

“I am a Practice Manager at Affinity in Troon and have been working with Domi for just over two years and am also part of Domi's Master Practitioners Club. Domi has been and continues to be a great mentor not only for me and Affinity, but for all the other Practice Managers and Operational Managers within the club. Domi is fantastic at seeing the potential in not only the company but your team. Always pushing you to better yourself and the team, which she fully supports and guides along the way. An absolute pleasure to work with.”

Donna TollanPractice Manager at Affinity IFA

“I have been working with Dominika for a few months now and have found the combination of strategic thinking and practical solutions has added real value to my role and my firm. Through the Master Practitioners Club, I have regular access to current thinking and insight, practical support and the opportunity to connect with other managers working in similar firms to share best practice and talk through areas of common interest. The virtual events have been topical, thought provoking and add value to me in my day-to-day role. Dominika’s expertise and challenging mindset encourages us to think differently and truly explore best outcomes for all.”

Clare McFarlaneOperations Manager at Platinum Financial Planning Ltd

Lightning Sessions

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