RIE Solutions offers Financial Planning firms effective practice management support, operational advice and mentorship for those who want to make a real difference with their business.

Finding clarity

We believe the key ingredient to running a successful firm is CLARITY. This is why we ask five very simple questions; what, why, who, how, and when, in considering any operational aspects, such as processes, client journeys or roles and accountabilities. These simple questions, when applied properly, can be transformational.

Moving forward

Once clarity is there, we create custom solutions and help with practical aspects of bringing these to life. We strongly believe any idea is only as good as its implementation. This is why we like working with Practice Managers and Operations Directors who can oversee and monitor the process of implementation on a daily basis.

It is our belief that offering your Practice Managers and Operations Directors solutions, support, guidance and mentorship is the most efficient way of supporting your financial planning practices.

Our philosophy

At RIE Solutions we believe in freedom, curiosity, joy of life, humility, and integrity. These are our guiding principles in everything we do. RIE Solutions was established as part of a much bigger vision, inspired by ‘leaving the world a better place than we found it’. There is no reason why creating a better world should be left only to the so-called ‘modern-day hippies’.

We know that creating a better world for future generations is not just about caring for our environment, living sustainably and reducing carbon footprint (all of which are high up on our list). It’s also about creating better businesses. We are committed to making a real difference, using our practice management skills alongside our experience and knowledge of the financial planning industry.

At RIE Solutions we help firms deliver excellent client experiences by providing brilliant advice with the clients’ best interests in mind and optimising their operations. We help them build better working environments and keep both their teams and clients inspired.

We support our clients in the practical aspects of running their businesses, providing a sense of community and mentorship for Practice Managers and Operations Directors and striving for operational excellence.

We believe that helping our clients can create a better world for those who work with us and, in turn, for those who work with our clients.


“The speed at which Domi got to grips with the real issues that our business was facing was impressive. She quickly came up with two fundamentals which needed some significant work: our Client Advice and Review Processes and our Team Structure. Domi’s understanding of, and sensitivity to our individual issues, as well as to the personalities within the business, has been invaluable.”

Rebecca TimminsOperations Director at Emery Little

“Within about 10 minutes of meeting Dominika and explaining the issues we had, it was obvious she ‘got it’. She assisted us for over a year, advising and implementing the changes and improvements needed to create the right infrastructure, culture and working practices we needed. It’s rare to meet someone who understands our industry so well and the issues Financial services companies battle with on daily basis.”

Paul DavidsonDirector at Strategic Vision Wealth Management

“Domi’s coaching skills and psychology training shone through as she got to understand the business and all of us as individuals. We also got suggestions and help in order to improve behaviours and communication, all this delivered with a good dose of humour too, so no wonder we all ended up seeing Domi as part of our team!”

Georgiana BreabanPractice Manager at Strategic Vision Wealth Management

“I consulted Dominika to help establish clearly defined processes within the business. She is approachable, proactive, smart and very efficient. She is clearly in tune with all the issues relevant to financial planning businesses, and actively listens and engages before offering operational advice and structure with a common sense approach.”

Shona BarrDirector at Affinity IFA

“Dominika is a complete superstar! After a couple of false starts with other operational consultants, we really struck gold with Dominika, as her skill set brought a unique blend of high-end strategic thinking together with practical help to make it all happen. In our experience of consultants, someone who knits the theory into practice is a rare breed!”

Gareth ReesManaging Partner at Gem & Co

“I am a Practice Manager at Affinity in Troon and have been working with Domi for just over two years and am also part of Domi's Master Practitioners Club. Domi has been and continues to be a great mentor not only for me and Affinity, but for all the other Practice Managers and Operational Managers within the club. Domi is fantastic at seeing the potential in not only the company but your team. Always pushing you to better yourself and the team, which she fully supports and guides along the way. An absolute pleasure to work with.”

Donna TollanPractice Manager at Affinity IFA

“For a small monthly fee, I have access to a wealth of valuable practical material specific to practice management, problem solving and continued learning. I guess we have access to material probably worth £10,000 if we were to buy it off the shelf.[…] Membership of the MPC has been instrumental in helping me with ideas and best practice tips from the online forum and frequent Ops calls. […] I think the forum is a great resource to reach out to other businesses to get their ideas on whatever challenge you are facing today.”

Tom O’HaraPractice Manager at Warwick Financial Solutions


If you are interested in a Practice Management or Operations career in financial planning, we would love to hear from you!

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